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5 Ways to Save Money on AC in Your Goodyear or Phoenix Home

1. Get With the Program
If you have central air, you probably have a programmable thermostat. One feature of a programmable thermostat that not everyone is aware of is that you can set different temperatures for different parts of the day. Make sure that you program it so that your AC isn’t working on full steam while you are out of the house and you can save a bundle on your energy bills.

2. Keep It Clean
Regardless of what type of AC system you have it includes some type of air filtration system. By getting regular checks done on your air filter you can ensure that it stays clean and clear. A dirty filter will reduce air-flow, requiring your unit to work harder and you to pay more. Have you filter cleaned or repaired regularly and you can make sure your AC doesn’t clean out your bank account.

3. Get a Regular Check-Up
If you haven’t had an HVAC professional come and check on your unit, don’t wait any longer! Most break-downs are preventable with simple maintenance, and the pros can tell you how you can increase the efficiency of your system. A simple tune-up could decrease energy consumption significantly and prevent a costly breakdown.

4. Know Your Options
The best way you can increase efficiency is buying the perfect system for your home. Many HVAC companies will provide you with a free consultation and would be happy to discuss with you what the best choice is for the size and layout for your home.

5. Buy Energy Star
The government-sponsored Energy Star program certifies equipment available from a variety of manufacturers when it performs significantly above government standards in energy efficiency. When making a decision about what system to invest in, your best for saving money over the long term is going with equipment that is Energy Star approved.

The sooner you start following these five easy suggestions, the sooner you will start seeing your energy bill shrink! If you need a licensed HVAC professional in the greater Goodyear area, contact one of the courteous crew members over at A Quality HVAC today.