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4 Common Myths About Air Conditioning

Homeowners are always trying to find new ways to save money.  Installing programmable thermostats, using energy efficient appliances, and keeping appliances unplugged when not in use are just a few ways homeowners attempt to save money.  Another very popular idea among homeowners is that they can do a few things with their air conditioner to reduce cost.  Below, you can see 4 common myths about air conditioners and how some of these cost savings measures might actually yield opposite results.

  1. Close vents in unused rooms to lower cost and energy use. While this seems logical, it is actually not an effective way to reduce energy.  In fact, when registers are closed in certain rooms, the air conditioner works just as hard, but instead of cooling the home, the ductwork becomes very cold.
  2. Turning the AC off saves money. When air conditioners are turned off, especially during very hot days, the temperature in the home can skyrocket.  When the homeowners returns home and wants to cool down the house, the air conditioner needs to work even harder than if it were left on.  Experts suggest raising the temperature 10 degrees on the thermostat, which can save a little money without putting the air conditioner under too much stress when turned on.
  3. Ceiling fans are not needed. While ceiling fans do not reduce the temperature of the room, they can create a wind chill effect, which can help the room feel more comfortable.  Ceiling fans can also be set to suck warm air up, making the room(s) feel more pleasant.
  4. Turn the thermostat all the way down will cool the house faster. This is perhaps the most common misconception about air conditioners.  Cooler settings on the thermostat do not make the room cool faster.  It will simply make sure the air conditioner stays on until the temperature reaches the cold setting.  The air will feel the same out of the register whether the thermostat is set at 75 degrees or 50 degrees.  

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