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3 Reasons to Schedule AC Maintenance Before Summer Ends

Preventative maintenance is often neglected when homeowners are trying to live within their means. It can sometimes seem hard to justify spending the money when everything seems to be working just fine. If you have put off an annual checkup, then your air conditioner is likely living on borrowed time, even if things seem to be working okay. If you failed to get your air conditioner serviced this past spring, it is not too late. There are many benefits to getting your air conditioner serviced at summer’s end. Here are just a few!

When your air conditioner is serviced, the technician unplugs the unit for safety reasons. During the heat of the summer, this can mean that your home’s temperature can quickly rise, creating a very uncomfortable living situation. Once the technician completes the service, it can take a while to bring the temperature of the home down to the desired level. So, the end of the summer is a perfect time to schedule air conditioning service. During the end of the summer, temperatures are frequently cooler than they are earlier in the season. 

By the end of the summer, your air conditioner has received quite a workout. If the air conditioner was not serviced in the spring, there could be debris in the condenser, causing the air conditioner to run less efficiently. Expert technicians can clean the condenser and check the pressure and coolant levels to increase the probability of proper functioning next season.

Air conditioner technicians often book appointments weeks after a call is made. If you wait until next summer, it will likely be much more difficult to schedule an appointment due to demand.

Your air conditioner requires annual service whether it is used daily or sporadically. The condenser is subject to the outside elements and can easily develop problems if not properly maintained. As the temperatures begin to cool, A Quality HVAC Services is ready to service your air conditioner to ensure that it’s ready to cool your home next spring and summer. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!