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Why Closing Your HVAC Vents Won't Save You Money

Once the temperatures start to soar, most of us rely pretty heavily on our air conditioning to keep us feeling comfortable even during the hottest, most humid days. But with great comfort comes great cost, and while just about everyone enjoys air conditioning, very few are eager to see how much energy their air conditioner requires each month and how much they’re going to have to pay for it. Not surprisingly, many of us search high and low for effective ways to cool our homes without paying an arm and a leg each month. 

One popular myth about cutting back on cooling costs is that closing vents in seldom used rooms will reduce the energy your air conditioner needs to cool your home. However, this practice is not only ineffective, but it can actually cause your air conditioner to require more energy and raise your monthly bill. 

Your air conditioner is set to run with a certain level of pressure to blow the cool air throughout your home. When you close the vents in your home, your air conditioner doesn’t recognize that it shouldn’t work as hard. In fact, the opposite often happens because the built up pressure in the ductwork sends false signals back to the blower, which causes it to increase its blowing power. 

Another reason why closing HVAC vents isn’t a good idea is that as pressure builds within your ductwork, it’s likely to push itself out through cracks because ductwork is rarely sealed completely. This not only fails to reduce energy consumption, but if the pressure in your vents is great enough to break seals or seep out the cracks, it will get easier for it to do so over time, which will result in a steady increase in your monthly energy bill. 

If you’re energy bills are too high, contact the expert at A Quality HVAC Services, LLC to schedule an inspection to find out if your air conditioner is running inefficiently. Every day you delay could be wasting you more money, so contact us today to schedule an estimate!