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How Does Air Conditioning Actually Work?

Air conditioners are hardly a new invention.  In fact, the very first "modern" air conditioner was made way back in 1902. They have not changed that much, with the exception that today we have far more energy efficient models on the market today. Choosing air conditioners to cool your home is the obvious choice, yet many people wonder exactly how they work.

It is actually very simple, and uses a very basic physical law, that when you convert a liquid to a gas it will absorb heat. Your air conditioner uses freon to evaporate and condense inside special coils, and this process causes the coils become rapidly chilled. Your fans will move hot air from inside your home to these cooled coils. The hot air moves over these cold low pressure evaporator coils, and cool air results. Besides cooling your air, it also reduces humidity in your air since cool air carries less humidity then hot air does.

In order to keep the process going, your AC needs to convert the gas back to a liquid again to begin the process all over. Your AC system uses a compressor that puts the gas under high pressure. This unfortunately creates heat, but this heat is dispersed outdoors via your condenser coils and another fan inside of the unit. The gas cools and once again becomes a liquid, to start the cooling process all over again. Your gas will become liquid over and over again in a never ending cycle.

To sum things up, your AC uses refrigerant to chill your indoor air. This cooling process results in gas, and this gas is compressed and cooled down to convert it back to a liquid, to begin the process all over again. Your AC keeps track of your homes temperature thanks to the thermostat, and will cycle your air automatically to keep your home cooled to the desired temperature. Another feature of your central air system is the air filters which will remove dust, particles and hair from your air supply.

Choosing air conditioners with the correct AC size for home use is vital however if you expect your air conditioner to properly cool your home. The complex cooling system I described is a delicate balance, an AC that is to large will run up utility costs, while one that is too small will not cool your home properly.

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