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How Much Money Can You Save By Installing an Energy Efficient Air Conditioner?

Most central air conditioning units have a lifespan of about 20 years. By age 10, your air conditioner has reached its mid-life point. By replacing your unit with an energy efficient air conditioner, you can save, on average, between 20% to 40% of your annual cooling energy costs. 

When replacing your central AC unit, you need to look for a model that has a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) of at least 15. The best option is one that has a variable speed air handler for today’s modern ventilation systems, but choosing a two speed air handler is still much more desirable and efficient than a single speed. The new unit you choose should have a thermal expansion valve, which ensures efficiency even with less than desirable optimal refrigerant charge. 

Because of the hot, arid climate, Las Vegas residents run their air conditioners approximately 21% more than the national average. For this reason, when choosing an energy efficient air conditioner, you need to look for a model that has a sensible heat ratio of .7 or higher. Of course, you should always make sure that any model you purchase is EnergyStar certified. 

In addition to actually buying an energy efficient air conditioner, proper air conditioner installation is crucial to ensuring that you receive the performance you are expecting. During the installation process, your installer should check to ensure that the ducts are not leaking. If they are leaking more than 8% of the air conditioner’s air flow, then they should be sealed. This will enable you to save even more money on your energy costs. After the unit has been installed, the installer should verify the airflow in each room and across the coil. 

Because Las Vegas residents run their air conditioners more frequently, they can expect to see a faster return on their investment. When you’re ready to make this step, contact A Quality HVAC. Family owned and operated for nearly 20 years, we pride ourselves on a reputation of high quality work and professional customer service. Contact us today!