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How to Choose the Right Furnace for Your Phoenix Home

As with any major purchase, buying a furnace is a decision that should be made only after you’ve looked at all the available options, and weighed a couple of factors.

First, consider the location. Winter nights in the Phoenix area can drop into the 40s, and even the 30s. That’s cold, but not as cold as other parts of the country like the Midwest or the Northeast. Because of that, there isn’t as great a need for a very large and powerful furnace. What will be the cost versus usage for a gas or electric furnace, or for a heat pump? Keep that in mind as you research types of furnaces.

A second point is to look at the upfront expense for installation, and then the cost over time, for each type of unit. By way of example, a heat pump can be twice as expensive as a typical gas furnace, both in the purchase of the unit itself and in the installation. A gas furnace has a lower purchase price and installation cost, but may start to give you more problems from around the 10-15-year mark. All types of heating systems have the potential to last 20 years, and maybe even a bit longer.     

It comes down to what you feel will be the best value for the money, both in initial cost, and long-term expenses. Your personal choice as far as how warm or cool you prefer your house to be will play a role in your decision, too. 

No matter what type of furnace you decide on, make sure it’s installed properly by a licensed heating and cooling contractor, and that it receives regular, annual inspections and maintenance. A furnace is an investment, and you want to get the highest return on it.  

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