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How to Get the Most Life out of Your Furnace

Helping your furnace to last longer starts with the simple act of changing the air filter regularly. Airflow is crucial to a furnace’s proper functioning. The more the airflow is restricted, the more dust, hair, and other debris accumulate in the interior. 

Of course, there’s a lot more involved in extending the life of your furnace than just replacing or cleaning the filter, but this is still an important and necessary step. You can also vacuum out the compartment that houses the blower fan.   

Along the same lines, you should consider having all the ductwork in your house professionally cleaned. This takes a great deal of strain off of the furnace or HVAC unit when the ducts aren’t clogged with dust and dirt. And it will improve the air quality in the house, as well. It also makes it much easier to identify leaks. 

For HVAC systems, the external unit can be cleaned with powdered, low-suds soap and water. As with duct cleaning, washing away accumulated leaves, pollen, dirt, and other debris improves the flow of air and keeps the unit from working harder to heat or cool your house. 

If you’ve noticed your furnace running too often even if you have the thermostat set low, the problem may be the thermostat itself. Kicking on over and over again wears down a furnace’s components sooner. This is an opportunity to have a programmable, digital thermostat installed and let the furnace rest.      

And of course, probably the most important step is to schedule a furnace maintenance appointment. Only a qualified technician should handle a full furnace tune-up. They can check things like the pilot light and burners, wiring and terminals, and electrical and gas connections.    

A Quality HVAC Services, LLC can help your furnace reach its maximum lifespan. Our technicians perform a 29-point inspection during all service calls. We’ve been right here in the Phoenix area for almost 20 years. Contact us today to request a free estimate and same-day service!