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How To Prepare Your AC Unit For The Summer

With hotter weather just around the corner (or already here) it's time to check out your air conditioner to keep your home cool and comfortable for the next few months. Preparing your air conditioner requires some time, but it's a straightforward project that won't take very long.

The first step is to make sure your air conditioner unit is off. Safety is the most important step.

Check your coils -  Dirt and debris can build up on them which causes the condenser to work harder than it should and prevents your home from getting the good cold quality air that it needs during those hot months. These parts need a thorough cleaning before you think about operating your cooling system in the summer.

Clean or replace the filter-The beginning of the summer is the perfect time to remove the grille from your air conditioner. Examine it, if it is extremely dirty, consider replacing it. If it looks like it can still function, give it a good cleaning and put it back in place. You should do this regularly, or every time they look dirty, so dust doesn't recirculate into your home and to improve efficiency. 

Run at a lower setting- The last step you are going to want to take is to allow your air conditioner to run on a lower setting. Do this for a while, this helps it get back into the routine of regular use. You do not want to take an air conditioner that has been off all season and turn it on full blast. Allowing your air conditioner to prime itself essentially is going to help keep your air conditioner working year after year.  

Contacting a skilled technician can also help with any AC malfunctions or issues you may have. They will help and inspect your unit to ensure it is ready to go for those hot summer months.

If you need an AC repair or a new air conditioner, contact the team at A Quality HVAC Services today.