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3 Common Furnace Malfunctions

When winter comes, you need to know that you can rely on your furnace to keep your home comfortable. However, like all major systems in your home, your furnace will sometimes give you trouble. Knowing how to pinpoint the problem will help you know whether you need to call for repair, or can handle the issue on your own. Here are three common problems with today's furnaces.

1. Mechanical Wear and Tear

Your furnace has moving parts that will wear out over time. One of the first signs of mechanical problems is often an unusual noise coming from the furnace. Uneven heating can also be due to mechanical wear and tear. Consider investing in an annual maintenance inspection to ensure you are not facing these problems.

2. Thermostat Problems

Surprisingly, quite a few homeowners call HVAC technicians for help when the problem is actually quite simple. The thermostat is the least glamorous part of your furnace, but it's still an essential component. If your thermostat isn't talking with your HVAC system, your system will not run properly. Before you call for HVAC service, check to ensure that the thermostat has fresh batteries and is properly set.

3. Ignition Problems

When the ignition system is working as it should, you will be able to hear the clicking of the spark igniter. You will also see the igniter glow right before the gas valve clicks open. If you do not see or hear these things, check to see if the gas is on. It's possible someone inadvertently turned off the gas to the furnace. If that is not the problem, the igniter may need replacement. If the igniter is not the problem, you need to call a pro for help.

As you can see, these common furnace problems are sometimes things you can fix on your own. By doing a little digging to find the issue, you may be able to save money on repair. If you don't find the issue, you can call a reliable HVAC technician at A Quality HVAC Services with confidence, knowing you do have a legitimate furnace repair need.