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What To Do If A Central Air Conditioner Is Not Blowing?

Having a central air conditioner that won’t blow any cool air can be a frustrating experience, especially on a scorcher of a day. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can get your central A/C unit working back to normal.

Check the Air Filter

If you’re not getting any air out of your central air conditioner, then it could be due to a clogged air filter. An air filter that’s completely impacted with dust and debris can interfere with the proper flow of air, making it harder for your A/C unit to push air through the rest of the system.

You can solve this problem by swapping out your old, clogged air filter with a brand-new replacement. To keep this from happening in the near future, you should change your air filter on a regular basis. Most experts recommend having it changed at least once every three months.

Check the Blower Fan Belt

Many central air conditioners rely on belt-driven blower fans. When the belt goes, so does any hope of moving air through the A/C unit. If your unit stops blowing air, then it’s likely the belt has either broken due to old age or slipped off under load.

After shutting off power to the A/C unit, open the air handler cabinet and check the state of the belt. If it shows cracks or signs of hazing, then it should be replaced. Replace the belt and make sure it has the right amount of slack before turning the unit back on.

Check the Evaporator Coil

A clogged-up evaporator coil can also stop air from flowing through the A/C unit. Open up the air handler unit and check for signs of dust and debris buildup. Use a soft-bristle brush and mild detergent to scrub away any and all debris from the evaporator coil. Allow the coil to dry before putting your unit back into service.

Those are some of the problems you can identify and rectify by yourself. However, if you notice a refrigerant leak, bad compressor or a broken condenser, make sure to contact the team at A Quality HVAC Services today. We are specialized in AC repairair conditioning installation and so much more.